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Testimonials and Accolades:

“I’ve known Sandre for close to 10 years.   A trip to the South Coast of Jamaica is not complete without a day trip with Sandre to the Pelican Bar!”          -Andy & Jenn Martin, Raleigh, NC, USA

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  1. I am a regular visitor to Buttonwood and Treasure Beach and the beach, vibes and people are fantastic. Sandre is a great friend and the service and equipment he provides is excellent. Boogie boarding is my favourite as the waves there most suited to good runs onto the beach. highly recommended.

  2. Simply awesome! Captain Myrie and crew were very welcoming. I never knew that Treasure Beach was so breathtakingly beautiful. I had fun playing with the dolphins and learning about the history of the area. All in all, it was a great tour and I would recommend it to anyone. Best one I’ve been on so far! Kudos Captain Myrie!

  3. A bunch of us, Kingstonians, took a boat trip with sandre from frenchman’s beach to pelican bar. The 30 minute boatride along the south coast shoreline is the best reminder of how lucky we are to have inherited this beautiful country

  4. The best tour I’ve ever been on!! Captain Myrie is the coolest captain. Peace. PS – check out the wicked shack.

  5. Sea is calm, and there is a light cool breeze. Ideal for a romantic cruise! See you here soon.

  6. We have known him since we came to Treasure Beach, when we were all very young 🙂 We met him and he always was very friendly and very knowledgeable about his tours. Respect !

  7. We spent the most perfect Christmas day skulking with the crocs and having lunch at the Pelican Bar… Huge thanks to Sandre for making our time on the boat so special. And what a gorgeous boat it is too…

  8. I went on the Black River tour with Sandre over Christmas 2011 and it was gorgeous. I’ve been to Jamaica many times over the years, and had no idea that there were such beautiful wetlands on the south coast. Sandre was warm and friendly and the afternoon was a highlight of my trip!

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